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What is the Mind/Body connection?
The mind/body connection is the link between what we think and how our body responds. There are many ways through counseling and training to retrain your ways of thinking to reduce stress and improve your current state of health and quality of life. Clinical researchers have found that professional counseling and participation in professionally-led support groups may be very helpful in reducing the signs of stress including:
  • Anxiety, depression
  • Sleep pattern
  • Digestive disturbances
  • Irritability
  • Reduced productivity at work and at home
  • Infertility
  • Slow healing
  • Memory Problems
  • Feeling out of control
  • and much more
The effect of stress is very real. When the stress response begins, the body focuses on running and getting safely away – even though we no longer can run from most of the things that threaten us. When we are stressed, our bodies are more focused on running away from the stressor; the natural body systems for health and healing suffer and lose their effectiveness. Learning how to turn off this stress response is very effective in improving health on all levels. This is done by learning to change the messages that the mind gives the body.

There is so much that the mind can do once a patient is trained in mind/body techniques. Researchers and clinicians have seen for years that
  • Quadriplegics (who normally pass out of tilted into an erect position) can redirect blood flow to the brain and learn to stand up supported without passing out
  • Migraine sufferers learn to redirect blood flow too – this time away from the head to reduce the vascular component of migraines and reduce their pain.
  • Infertility patients learn to turn off their body’s desire to shunt blood away from the reproductive system in times of stress
  • Cancer patients turn on their immune system to fight cancer cells.
  • Burn patients learn to use their mind to reduce pain that medications couldn’t touch.
  • Surgery is performed with minimal anesthesia as patients learn to turn off body sensations
  • Life-long cigarette smokers learn to stop their addiction.
  • Over-eaters learn to control their eating patterns without the frustration of diet failures
  • Sleep-deprived patients learn to go to sleep, stay asleep and wake rested
  • Panic attacks are drastically reduced or eliminated
The list is seemingly endless . . . . .but the point is – if you acquire even just a little of the power to direct your body’s responses . . . you will feel better, fight disease and illness and achieve a quality of life that you would not have previously imagined.

Isn’t it worth it to have that chance? It’s not magic – it is physiology and Dr. DeMasters can teach you how to do it. For more information – click here to get contact information for Dr. DeMasters.