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Infertility affects men and women in the prime of their lives. Though rates of infertility vary around the world – in the United States, at least one of every six couples of reproductive age experiences infertility – the inability to conceive a child after 12 months or more of trying or being unable to carry a pregnancy to live birth. Whether struggling to get pregnant or grieving the loss of a child in pregnancy or shortly after birth, infertility is one of the greatest heartbreaks a couple can face.

Many couples share that the worst part of infertility is the uncertainty and lack of control they feel. This stress can reap havoc with their relationships with husbands, parents, siblings, coworkers, etc. Dr. DeMasters offers time-proven, effective strategies that really do help clients function in a fertile world where it seems like everyone else is pregnant or already has a family of their own.

Dr. DeMasters has spent almost 20 years working with infertile couples. She lived the experience herself – so she truly understands how hard it can be. Research, especially by the clinicians at Harvard University, has shown time and time again, that getting professional help can make all the difference. Isn’t it time to learn these strategies to help you #1 be successful in achieving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy and #2 to make the experience of diagnosis and treatment much easier and less stressful. It’s about survival.

That includes survival of a pregnancy: Clinical research indicates that STRESS CAN PLAY A SIGNIFICANT PART IN MISCARRIAGE. Scientists from Tufts University identified a chain reaction where stress hormones and other chemicals harm the uterus and the fetus. The report appears in the June issue of the journal: Endocrinology. Under times of stress, the brain releases several hormones including one called corticotropin-releasing hormone. In previous research, women who delivered premature or low birth weight babies had high levels of this chemical in their bloodstream. Other researchers found that there was a higher risk of miscarriage in women reporting stress. This chemical is secreted in reaction to physical or emotional stress. A good motivation for pregnant women or those who wish to become pregnant to address the issue of how they handle stress in their lives!

Like many of the other areas of health that Dr. DeMasters helps clients with, infertility counseling requires that she maintain a cutting-edge understanding of the clinical aspects, but also knowledge of what works for men and what works for women to help them make it through the struggle of infertility. That has been a key part of Dr. DeMasters practice for many, many years – Dr. DeMasters has outstanding clinical and research training. She also credits her personal experience of infertility and the wonderful insights from her clients for the effective, real-life strategies of her infertility program.

When should you call for help?
Before you try to get pregnant – learn how to analyze your fertility potential. Are there risk factors and warning signs you know about? What diagnostic tests should you consider? Are you a type A person – high performance or just tending to be anxious. Work on stress management now to make conception and pregnancy easier, safer and more likely to be successful.

When you start trying – save time, money and heartache by getting good advice and guidance on what you can do to improve your chances.

When you are struggling – when you find that having the child you want might be more complicated that you had expected – whether you are doing IUI (inter-uterine insemination) with or without infertility drugs or if you are already deeply involved with Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). Dr. DeMasters has worked with patients and their physicians at all levels of care, including third-party reproduction (egg or semen donor, gestational surrogacy, and adoption).

When you suffer losses – The experience of failed cycles, pregnancy losses, the need to move ever farther into Advanced Reproductive Technologies, facing the loss of fertility (for men or women) are just some of the many losses that can accompany the experience of infertility.

Call for help in dealing with the difficult situations you face – get that help from someone who has experienced the same losses, is an expert in the field of reproductive endocrinology and who has years of experience from which to assist you in finding ways to move forward.

Getting good professional help is important, whether you are just beginning to try to get pregnant or if you have been down a long road of A.R.T. treatment – or anywhere in the middle. Click here for contact information for Dr. DeMasters to get immediate assistance in learning about your options, seeking infertility treatment and increasing your probabilities of having a child.

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